TAMAR Medical Billing Plus is a professional billing service dedicated to meeting all of the insurance and patient billing needs of your practice. We offer a variety of highly personalized services that can improve your cash flow and lower your operating expenses. Our services are specifically designed to meet the needs of individual and small group practices. TAMAR Medical Billing Plus carefully balances our client base in order to ensure that each client will receive our complete and undivided attention! In addition to premium claims processing & practice management services, we proudly offer the following dynamic solutions…

Do you need help understanding medical terms and fees?

Full Reports for Court Cases – Accurate Fees & Codes

Tamar Medical Billing & Coding Plus can help receive correct medical expenses.

Accurate Fees and Coding

Full Reports for Court Cases
Tamar Medical Billing & Coding Plus can help

Court Case Planning and Legal Assistance

Let Tamar Medical Billing & Coding Plus help you win!

We provide:
  • Accurate fees and codes.
  • Full reports for court cases.
  • Details on why some procedures were medically necessary.
  • The correct amount for your clients future medical expenses.
  • We help your clients get what they deserve!

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