Meet Our Leadership Team


Grace Dalmolin

Digital Strategy Director

If you hear singing or laughing, Grace is sure to be nearby. Grace loves her dog Luna and kitty Weston. She can be bribed with pepperoni rolls and frozen Cokes. Grace is an excellent listener and has been with the the Reimagine team since 2013. She enjoys learning about all different types of businesses and  helping them progress on their digital journey.


Cassie Augenstein

Digital Marketing Strategist

As corny as it sounds, Cassie believes there are no strangers, just friends you haven’t met yet. That being said, you’ll find her talking to everyone, dancing anytime, or unicycling anywhere! Yep, you read correctly…riding unicycles is her favorite pastime. She and her husband love to ride trails, perform in shows & parades with their club, and their favorite unicycle activity is ballroom dancing! Cassie also loves to be outside riding anything with one wheel or anything with a motor from quads, to dune buggies, to motorcycles, to tractors. She highly values her family & friend relationships. This girl is totally obsessed with food and can’t wait until the next time snack time. Cassie began her journey with Reimagine Main Street in April of 2016. She is super pumped to meet new people and help their businesses grow!


Coleen Mehlmauer

Senior Digital Designer

Coleen stays busy keeping up with Otis, a rambunctious Jack Russell terrier and her two cats, Yoko and Alice. She also paints in her spare moments; watercolor is the medium of choice at the moment. Coleen began her career with the Observer Publishing Company at The Almanac, a weekly paper in McMurray, as a graphic artist.  She joined the Observer-Reporter digital staff in 2007 and became one of the original staff of Reimagine Main Street when it was launched in 2013.


Natalie Gloady

Digital Marketing Strategist

Natalie is the newest sports-obsessed, music-loving, coffee-addicted team member of Reimagine Main Street. She loves spending her free time volunteering for local nonprofits and taking her favorite pups for long walks. Natalie is passionate about working with people and businesses to develop their voice online; as well as help them share their unique stories.